Harry Potter Legacy


By fillyrider21

Ginny talking

Ginny: It feels great to be married so far! I love it and I love Harry so much I’m so happy that he is my husband. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Maybe have a baby? I want like a lot of kids like maybe 3 lol I think that is the number I think I can handle. I don’t want 10 but I do want a few kids. Speaking of loved ones Ron and Hermonie is going to find a place of their own soon. I hope they can find a house near by because I just love being around those 2 they are my best friends. Friends forever! I am wanting to throw a party but I can’t do that yet because we just moved here in Bridge Port and we don’t know anybody else except for our selves. But we are going to have lots and lots of friends and parties! Nothing can stop us from having a great life. I can’t wait to see what happens next life is always full of surprises.

By fillyrider21